Maine Coon cattery Forest Lynx

Many people who already have such an amazing favorite of Maine Coon breed at home say that their kittens were once dogs. They are very dedicated and very capable to different commands. These cats are very fond of communicating with the owner, and with the help of this communication open their potential.


Maine Coons are also curious, they should be aware of everything that happens around. They are also mobile, saturated, not boring life: playful, active. Their activity does not decrease with age. They could use more space and various toys.

Walking and exercise

To develop properly, the cats of this breed should move more. Physical exercise and movement will help develop the Maine Coon muscles.Training

Games for a raccoon cat are their own imitation of hunting. Cats quietly sneak up and wait like a cat a mouse. Take care of your kitten and come up with a suitable amusing toy for the victim. You can pick up a car or other children's toy that can be controlled. Sew it with something because the pet can get hurt on the toy.

Maine Coons are muscular pets, and can easily walk on the street, as well as on their own, and on a leash. They are excellently relate to collars and leashes. They do not run away from you during walks and will not climb a tree. No matter what the weather is on the street, it will not prevent them from walking.