Maine Coon cattery Forest Lynx

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Kiev cattery
Forest Lynx
welcomes you on our site of the largest domestic cats Maine Coon .

Maine Coon is an amazing cat that causes respect and excitement. This American giant is strikingly combined noble force, refined grace, and soft character.


About the cattery

Our cattery is engaged in breeding and studying of the aboriginal American breed Maine Coon.
Cattery Forest Lynx has registered in the International Cat Fanciers' Association Rolandus Union International (ICFA RUI, Ukraine) in 2016. The cattery is located in Kyiv (Ukraine).


Producers of the cattery have an excellent pedigree and correspond to it. The names indicated in their pedigrees are the names of the repeated participants of the exhibitions, winners, titled representatives of the Maine Coon breed from the well-known catteries.

The first Maine Coon cat appeared in our house in 2015 and began our passion for these amazing cats.
They more and more immersed us in their world, which is so interesting. We began to observe the character of our cat and realized that they undoubtedly collected all the best qualities from all breeds of cats.

In May 2016, Kardinal Gray Ceya of Forest Lynx (at home just Ceya) won the title of champion (certificate). In November 2016, she has awarded the title of interchampion (certificate). Moreover, in March 2017 she easily took the title of grand international champion (certificate). Tseya showed herself worthily in breeding, had decent kittens, was a good mother, and in 2018 she was withdrawn from the breeding of the cattery.

In 2016, we were fascinated by another amazing beauty kitty - Forse of Life Water-Lily of Forest Lynx (at home just Lily)


In December 2016, Lily won the title of champion (certificate). In 2017, Lily gave birth to her first babies. Kittens were born chic, one better than the other. Worthy kittens of their parents. Moreover, one wonderful girl fascinated us. She grew and pleased us and conquered with her character, beauty, pedigree data more, and more. We saw in her a future champion, a cat that would be worthy of breeding in the nursery. She became Forest Lynx Cera (Tsera). In may 2018 she won the title of champion (certificate).

In 2018, babies are born in our Lily. And we decide to keep one more girl. A girl from our kennel, Forest Lynx Feiry (Feya at home). We were not disappointed that we chose her. Feya grows and pleases us with her character and beauty.


In 2019, we had acquired another kitty from another cattery. This is the Diamond Paradice Evangelina of Forest Lynx (Eve at home). A promising cat meets the breed standard has a wonderful character.


In the fall of 2019, Feya and Eva take part in a cat show and both receive champion titles (certificate). In the future, we expect worthy kittens from the girls, and we hope that they will be excellent mothers for their children.

In our cattery, you can choose your home pet or future champion in the section «Kittens». Since the birth of our kittens, they had not been deprived of attention and care. They grow in a home and a loving environment. Kittens leave the cattery not earlier than 3 months, already fully vaccinated, treated against possible parasites and worms, socially adapted, sociable, and used to the tray and scratching post. In May 2018, Forest Lynx Cera takes part in the exhibition and deserves the title of champion (certificate)

By purchasing a kitten from us, you acquire a club thoroughbred Maine Coon from titled parents, which corresponds to all breed standards. In addition, you get all the necessary documents for the kitten.

If you are in Kyiv, you can come to visit us, see the conditions under which kittens are growing, and pick up a kitten. If you are far away you can choose a kitten by photos, Viber video, e-mail, we will pick up you a kitten together.

We can deliver the kitten to any city or country.

Pleasant stay on our website.
Sincerely, Julia Vedmid