Maine Coon cattery Forest Lynx

In this section, we will tell you a little about the history of these lovely cats.

The breed of Maine Coon cats appeared more than 151 years ago. For North America, these cats are their pride, their magic. This breed of cats has also called a raccoon cat.

In one of the legends, it been said that the result of the appearance of the Maine Coon breed was the love of a cat and a raccoon, from which the cats of this breed have a long striped tail and unique habits that are unacceptable for other breeds of cats.History

After reading the second legend, we will say that the breed originated from the interconnection of striped domestic cats (Tiger color) with the North American lynx. Evidence and proof of the authenticity of this legend are the tassels on the ears of the cats of this breed, which became the dignity and difference of Maine Coons from other cats. If you look from the other side, then strong species differences and the impossibility of cross breeding is a serious and direct contradiction.

There is a version to which some felinologists are inclined. They believe that cats of raccoon like Norwegian forest cats, who has brought to America by the Vikings.

If you look at a more realistic side, science says that Maine Coons are an aboriginal American cat. Representatives of this breed are larger and more massive than other breeds of cats; they can hunt and survive in the forest, even in very cold winters, as they have survived for many years in the frosty nature of North America. They have learned to regulate heat exchange in severe cold conditions.