Maine Coon cattery Forest Lynx

Maine Coons are amazing cats. They are major sizes and have a large and loving heart that never offends anyone. They are confident cats, always with a sense of dignity. Their strength and power blend well with their nobility and restraint. Maine Coons are not at all aggressive towards other animals. They can freely live and communicate with other domestic pets, unlike other breeds of cats.

They like to play, but if you compare them with cats of more active breeds, the Maine Coon cats will not do anything stupid, they will not harm, they will not tear down tulle or curtains from the windows, they will not tear the wallpaper, they will never think to turn the large flower vase with flowers from the bedside table or table. In a word — do not turn the apartment or house upside down. Maine Coons are neat and like to divide objects into their own and others. On the cabinets, entresol, ceilings, as well as other places Maine Coons do not prefer climbing because they hate a narrow, limited territory. In addition, their size does not allow them to be annoying.Character

Maine Coons do not immediately enter into people's trust, but people at the same time think that these cats are indifferent and closed. However, their opinion is changing rapidly, because when Maine Coons recognize a person, they open up, become devoted, tender and affectionate friends. Maine Coons are born babysitters who can become a friend for your child. They are independent, but much attached to the owner, they and are loyal to him. They will always be with you, following you, but it will not be obtrusive. Raccoon cats are polite, but they will not exchange their master for anyone.

These amazing animals often make interesting sounds. Create an elegant purring c with perfectly thin voices that do not match with their larger sizes. They are rare make loud noises. Maine Coons like to stand on their hind legs, and consider the situation that is happening. They can also been taught walking on a leash.

Raccoon cats love water and play with it, maybe because their ancestors sailed on the ships. Who has Maine Coons knows that they can even swim and take a shower with the owner.

Therefore, if you need an amazing beauty pet, with the same amazing character, clever, affectionate, a friend for the child, a friend for your dog, then Maine Coon is what you need.