Maine Coon cattery Forest Lynx

Maine Coons are a longhaired cat, whose fur is not difficult to maintain and it does not require a long time and everyday care. Their fur is silky, gentle. Pleasant to touch. In addition, it does not curl, as it does in other breeds of cats. First time comb it, and this is quite enough. When the cats are molting, then a little more will have to comb your pet. Start combing a cat is necessary from the head, smoothly to pass to the back, then the tail. After that, you can comb the belly and pet's legs. With slicker brush clean the dead hair of an undercoat. Remove remaining fur, using a rare brush. The fur will be beautiful and well groomed.

Pets of this breed do not mind swimming and most of them love water. So, swimming will not be a problem for the Maine Coon owners. They can play with water, they can swim pretty well, love to get water with their paws when they drink.

You will not have to bathe the Maine Coon often . It is enough to do this every 2-4 months. Before the exhibition, you must buy a pet without fail. Also, when the cat is moulting, it is better to bathe the cat more often, so that the hair is quickly replaced and the cat ceases to molt. It's better to soap the fur of a cat with shampoo a couple of times, in the direction of hair growth. Choose a special shampoo and do not forget about the tail, he needs special attention. The tail has more dirt, so it needs to wash out better, you can use a toothbrush. Do not forget that you need to wash the shampoo well from the cat's fur. From the remaining shampoo, the fur may stick together or get split ends. The head of the pet has to be washed without shampoo and gently.Care

After completing the procedure, cover the cat with a towel and wipe well. Wet pet should not be on a draft and sit near open windows and doors. Drying with a hair dryer is possible, but do not overdo it, it can harm the pet, its skin, and fur.

Pet of this breed and your apartment

Do not be scared when you see a representative of this breed, its size should not push you away from them. Their natural adaptability gives them the opportunity to find a place for themselves in a small territory, as well as on a large one. They will not go to the corners of the apartment but prefer to sit higher. Buy a game house with a staircase and scratching post. The cat will feel comfortable and see what happens around.

Be careful with the windows open. Also, if you live on higher floors. Raccoon cats are large, so it is difficult for them to group together when they fall. 80% of the deaths of Maine Coon cats are due to a fall from the window.

Life Span of a Maine Coon!

Cats of this breed have a good natural state of health. And how long your beloved cat will live, depend on you. If you take good care of a cat, feed it properly, then a Maine Coon cat can live up to 20 years; the average life expectancy is 14-16 years.